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Sunrise Group Becomes Presenting Sponsor for the 2011 LPGA Taiwan Championship

Organizers of the 2011 LPGA Taiwan Championship had announced on March 1, 2011 that the presenting sponsor would be the Sherwood Hotel. However, after two months of intensive negotiation between the Golf Association of R.O.C. and the Sherwood, the cooperation and implementation details for the championship presenting sponsor unfortunately did not reach common ground.

To prevent delaying the preparation and following promotion schedule, this year’s LPGA Taiwan Championship will be sponsored by the Sunrise Group, which owns many renowned corporations such as the Sunrise Golf & Country Club, Sunrise Construction Company, Mu Sheng Construction Company. The presenting rights for the championship will be granted to the Sunrise Group, thus allowing the first ever LPGA tournament held in Taiwan to be prepared as scheduled.

Although the two parties both express regret over the results of the negotiation, the Golf Association is still grateful towards the Sherwood for the primary promise of presenting sponsorship at the championship. The Sherwood states that even though it is unable to support this year’s event through presenting sponsorship, it is still willing to provide support and care in other forms.

Therefore, this year’s tournament is now called the “Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship 2011”.


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