Course Rules

  1. People with a handicap of 36 or more cannot play in the course.
  2. Please follow the golf etiquette and wear appropriate sports clothing.
  3. Golfers should register in person and tee off at the time designated by the starter and in the registration order. If you miss your designated tee time, you must register again.
  4. For golfers with special discounts, please show your certificate during registration. The green fees cannot be changed once you start playing.
  5. If you suffer from special diseases or poor physical conditions, please evaluate your stamina carefully before playing. If any accident happened due to physical discomfort during the activity, the golfer should be solely responsible.
  6. Hitting groups: There are three or four people in each group. For groups with less than three people, an additional cart fee will be charged; for groups of two, each person will be charged a NT$500 cart fee.
  7. Each group of golfer will be assigned one caddie to drive the golf cart. For safety reasons, it is strictly prohibited for golfers to drive the cart by themselves. The maximum number of passengers allowed on one cart is 4(excluding the caddie).
  8. For pace of play, if your group is more than one hole behind your previous group, you should allow the next group to hit in advance. For par-3 holes, if you're already on the green, you should wave at the next group and signal them to tee off.
  9. The total playtime for your 9-hole round should not exceed one hour and fifty minutes. You should not exceed the three-minute limit each time you look for a lost ball.
  10. Anyone who played in the course without finishing Hole 18 must still pay the full green fee and caddie fee. Players who tee off later than others in the same group will not be allowed to replay unfinished holes.
  11. No replays for a stroke except when the ball goes out of bounds or a pond.
  12. Please help to repair any pitch mark and hitting mark on the green and rake the bunker.
  13. Do not try to collect the ball if it falls long grass areas, OB areas, or ponds.
  14. If obstacles prevent you from hitting the ball, please drop the ball and replay. Do not force a swing.
  15. For practicing, please go to the driving range or putting green.
  16. Members and guests should not bring and use their own balls in the long stoke driving range.
  17. The ponds are deep and dangerous. Do not approach.
  18. It is strictly forbidden to take anything out of the course without permission.
  19. Do not smoke anywhere except in the tee boxes.
  20. Do not leave empty bottles, cans, and garbage in the course.
  21. It is strictly prohibited to chew betel nuts; a cleaning fee will be charged for those who bring outside food.
  22. Assistance requests will not be accepted except for special conditions. The assistants must fill out an affidavit form and strictly adhere to the safety regulations of the course. The Club is not responsible for any safety compensation. In addition, a full green fee and caddie fee must be paid.