YAMAHA Electromagnetic Induction Golf Carts

Launched in June 2013, these golf carts operate along the underground induction cables to achieve self-driving capabilities. Sunrise is the first golf club in Taiwan to introduce automated golf carts, leading innovative golfing pleasure and experience for Taiwanese golf industry, providing golfers with the best golf equipment, environment, and quality services in all aspects.

iSwing Cloud Management System for Golf

Establish a complete digital course management system so that managers can accurately keep up with the latest situation of the course to enhance its smoothness of flow. Golfers can look up course information and hole strategies at any time. The real-time scores will be synchronized with the starter system, saving golfers' time for score calculation. Golfers can also create their score database with the phone APP.

Golfing Information Signage

A digital electronic signage is set up at the starter to provide announcements on green speed, mowing height, and the latest discounts. The golfing information of the day is clear at a glance.

Automated External Defibrillator(AED)

The clubhouse is equipped with AEDs managed by dedicated personnel to create a healthy and safe environment.


The clubhouse is equipped with stairlifts to provide disabled-friendly and elderly-friendly services.

Breastfeeding room

The clubhouse provides breastfeeding rooms to save families with little children from worries.