Privacy statement and personal information

Privacy statement and personal information

I.Privacy statement

Sunrise Golf and Country Club (""We"" or the ""Club"") values and protects your privacy. The following passage is a thorough explanation of the personal information protection policy for you to understand how the Club collects and uses your personal information. Please rest assured and enjoy the intimate and exclusive services of Sunrise.

We will collect your personal information in the following ways:
  • (1) Online booking system
  • (2) Facebook fan page
  • (3) Others (telephone reservations, provided business cards, etc.)

By these methods, we may obtain your personal information, including:

Name, gender, national ID (passport) number, date of birth, nationality, country of residence, contact address, phone number, email add, credit card information, and more.

If you can't provide the necessary personal information for relevant services, you may not be able to complete some of your required services and transactions.

Usage of personal information:

The primary purpose of collecting personal information is to improve service quality and enhance customized services.

(for example, providing information for upcoming events or promotions according to your preference by sending e-papers, mailing DM, or other ways).

We guarantee that we won't disclose any personal information to third parties unrelated to this service or transaction or for purposes other than those mentioned above unless with your permission.

Except for the following cases:

  • (1) Cooperate with judicial investigations
  • (2) Cooperate with relevant authorities for investigation or use according to their demand
Personal information safety

The Club is committed to protecting your information with the help of various security technologies and management measures and forbidding unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. Your information is saved in a strictly controlled computer server that is only accessible to few authorized people. Firewalls and other technologies are utilized to protect your privacy and online transaction security.

Information will be encrypted during the transmission of personal identification information by, for example, using SSL encryption protocol for protection.

Use of Cookies:

The Club's official website uses cookies and your provided personal information to personalize your online for better services and content.

For example, we use cookies to save your ed country and language preferences on our hotel website.

Cookies are files containing a small amount of data whose primary function is to save time. The internet browser installed on the guests' computer will automatically save the information. You can change your browser settings to block the cookies, but you may not be able to use some personalized services after the change. We guarantee not to disclose the information obtained by cookies to protect your rights.

Self-protection measures:

Please keep your account, password, and other personal information safe. Do not provide any information to a third party. We will not actively verify your personal information such as account and password by email or any other means.

After you complete online booking for hotel, restaurant, golf, or other related online services, make sure to log out. If you are sharing a computer or using a public computer, make sure to close the browser to prevent others from collecting and using your personal information.

Revision of privacy and personal data protection statement:

We have the right to revise the content of this statement directly and present the new content on this web page. For any massive revisions to the rules for the usage of personal information, we will make announcements on the web page to inform you of the relevant matters and protect your rights.

II.Personal data protection clauses and amendment rights

We hereby declare that the Club genuinely implements all personal data protection and management measures. We adhere to the requirements described in the Personal Data Protection Act to protect the rights of the people involved and reduce the potential impact of any personal information infringement incidents. We will continue to operate and improve the information management system.

The personal information management policy of Sunrise Golf and Country Club is stated as follows:

  1. We comply with the related laws and regulations for personal information protection in this nation;
  2. The club will only collect necessary personal information for legal, legitimate, and reasonable causes;
  3. We will only process the collected client information for appropriate and relevant causes. We will not sell, exchange, or rent the information to other groups and people, or use it for purposes other than those mentioned above.
  4. We will process the personal information fairly and legally;
  5. We will keep a list of personal information categories processed by the company;
  6. Ensure the correctness of personal information and it when necessary;
  7. The collected personal data will be saved following the law or for a legal, legitimate, and reasonable purpose;
  8. We respect the clients' rights for their information, including request for inquiry or reading, make copies, supplement or correction, request to stop collecting, processing, or using, request to delete, etc.
  9. Protect the personal data files collected, processed, and used by appropriate security technology to ensure the safety of all personal data;
  10. If the personal information is used for the exceptional cases permitted by the Personal Data Protection Act, the legitimacy and legality of the usage must be ensured.
  11. Establish and operate a personal information management system and continue its operation to implement personal information protection policies and ensure information security;
  12. Identify internal and external stakeholders and their participation in the management and operation of the personal information management system;
  13. Clearly define the responsibilities and obligations of employees in the operation of the personal data management system
  14. Plan emergency response procedures to deal with accidents such as theft, tamper, damage, loss, or leakage of personal data;
  15. Set up a communication window for the clients to exercise their rights for personal information or launch related complaints and consultation;

III. The issuance of this statement declares the importance of protecting personal data management.All employees of the Club should understand the content of this statement to protect the safety of all personal information files and ensure sustainable management of the company.

IV. The Club’s privacy protection clauses and relevant regulatory amendments can be appropriately revised at any time.If you have any questions or comments on the privacy policy of the Club’s website, please contact us via

*In the event of any contradiction or inconsistency among the Chinese, English, and Japanese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.